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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  January 31, 2014 1:35am-2:06am EST

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cocktails out the window on their way to -- >> the mayor's office. >> why things got a lot worse when they got there. an entire mountainside is wiped out by -- >> a very big rock. >> see just how close it came to plowing through a house. what are you talking about? >> a surprise for mom drives her to tears. >> but, oh, no, this is a good surprise. >> now, meet the son who delivered the super bowl goods. plus, the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and get ready for a new take on -- >> what did the fox say? >> i want to see the whole thing. >> i don't! >> why you should never mix nudity and fireworks inus a mic video. this is a pretty wild one in the ukraine. police are after this red car, but you'll notice that they're kind of not following too closely because, yeah, you're seeing people throw molotov cocktails out of the back of
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this red vehicle. there are guys inside this thing. the ukrainian opposition group, basically they're anti-government protesters. where they're headed is the city council building, also the mayor's office, and guess what? they get there. here is where all hell breaks loose. watch this. flames all over the place. these are security guards and police officers coming out of the building. that's a guy dumping out gasoline on the ground. he then slips and falls and, like, lights himself on fire. we actually see this from security video from the city council building from the moment they pull up. what looks like five guys get out of this thing. that police car there is the police car that we just saw the dash cam from. >> but the guys inside city hall look very ready for their arrival. it looks like riot police ready to storm the guys. >> you're right. they did a number on the building because you see at one point they were able to light one of the doors on fire. and watch here comes the guy with the gas can and he falls over and the gas is dumped on the ground and he's eventuallya.
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one guy takes off. four guys were arrested for this on the spot, but at the same time four law enforcement officers were also injured in this suffering from burns, concussions and a fractured arm. inside the vehicle after they got ahold of these guys they found 80 bottles set up to be molotov cocktails and other things too. >> they put so many in danger speeding down the road throwing out molotov cocktails. that's not pro test, that could be murder. you are citying the aftermath of a mud slide in italy, as you see there that's a very big rock. it slid down a mountain due to mud slides and look at this. look at the pathway it cuts. what they did they sent a quad copter up in the air to give everybody a look-see. here's where the rock slide started. you can see it going all the way down this mountain and it slid into that farmhouse, hundreds of years old. it took out a 300-year-old bash, but as you could see, it stopped just short of the house.
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there's the barn. >> oh, my gosh. stop, like, six feet away from the building. >> the one outside the building is 5,600 cubic feet. but just think about it, the house not bothered, but the barn -- >> but the real question here is how do you get these things out of there now? you can't bring some sort of construction equipment. those are too heavy. that's too heavy to use a crane or use a -- you have to blow it up. >> my gosh, so close to being just completely destroyed! >> look, you can see the damage it did. look at the skid marks. i have to say it's miraculous because this building is owned by a catholic order. and they say the mud slide cost millions of dollars worth of damage. >> how would you know that's going to happen, you know, like -- >> you can't. >> it's been there for that long and it hasn't happened. it's not, like, you could prepare for something like this. >> look at this field, of all the places for that rock to fall and hit, it hit the one thing in front of it. >> let's look at a positive note here, it's a farming area and now they have the irrigation
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tunnels, it's the little rivers created to help water these crops. >> you look for the miraculous in everything. that's good. >> positive. this video of a police chase causing a bit of a controversy in pinal county, arizona. that's the end of a nearly 40-minute chase. pinal county deputies are chasing manuel longoria, they suspect him of stealing the car he's running away in. you see longoria there in the white t-shirt. deputies are acting on the information that they believe longoria is armed. he does have a record. and witness accounts say he was heard saying he wouldn't be taken alive. at this point he's refusing to comply with deputy commands. >> ooh. >> when you hear a couple of pops. those are beanbags and taser rounds nonlethal force and pinal county deputies initially used after those first pops you see longoria start to reach back into the cabin of his car. a few more pops from the
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nonlethal weapons and then longoria's arms go up. those last two shots are two rounds fired by one deputy. those two rounds proved fatal to longoria. >> whoa. >> in a statement issued by the pinal county sheriff's office they say officers and deputies attempted to use less-than-lethal means to go into custody and he refused to take commands and he reached back into the vehicle and they fired two rounds but the video comes out and if you break it down moment by moment it appears that the suspect puts his hands up before the rounds are fired. >> why does the report not match the video? >> it's not that it doesn't match thevideo, it justdoesnth hands -- maybe deputies didn't realize the guy's hands went up and the video came out and then they realized. you can't imagine that your adrenaline is running what your brain is able to processed and
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what it's not. >> but you have to wonder if they are intentionally omitting that information. >> those are the questions the video drummed up, and the deputy is a five-year veteran and has been recognized for his performance. >> we're not far away from an ipad give away. >> we'll give you the thursday buzzword and how you can enter to win. >> you have to be anticipate years old or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stay tuned it's the "rtm" ipad min 50 giveaway. the miraculous moment of survival caught on camera. this first one caught from security cameras in turkey. oh, oh. >> is that a -- >> that's a city bus. and its brakes fail. there was no one inside the bus including no driver. the bus was parked, the brakes failed and it started backing up. in fact, reports say it backed up nearly 500 feet before it stopped in this garden. watch this video again. oh, there's a man.
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>> wow. >> he ended up underneath this bus but was injured. survived it and xrawld out from under the bus and then came to help people in this car. this bus hit a car that did have people inside including a small child. they according to reports were also uninjured. but you see bystanders helping out. >> wait. the guy carrying this little girl out of the car is the same guy that just got hit by a bus. let's see if he can see if it's the same guy with a gray footy. >> that's the same guy! you got to be kidding me. >> according to our translation, yep, same dude. another miraculous survivor caught on tape in canada. he's going down the road but notice what's in front of him? >> a truck. >> oh, no! >> iañ want you to hear why i going viral. people are loving this guy's reaction to this. >> what the hell are you doing? no! no! no! >> my reaction, too.
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>> you do see him clearly go against that guardrail for quite some time. >> it didn't look like there was enough room for whatever he was driving to fit through that space. >> no. but uninjured. >> trucker! >> what the hell are you doing? no! no! no! thiefs back in to nab the goods. >> they got away with $70,000 worth of guns. >> how they pulled off a swift escape. plus, a chair built to scare. >> and it's freaking people out. >> what are you doing! >> see all the smiles turned screams next >> ahh!
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it's ncomig, everybody, super bowl sunday. >> yep. if you're watching for the commercials, we're here to help you out. >> that's right. head on over to >> click right there on "watch the best commercials from the big game." >> and watch them as many times as you want. >> have a super sunday, everybody. i got a couple of smash-and-grabs for you guys, but they had completely different results. we start in georgia inside of a gun shop. look at that. they just backed right on in. police say they were there for less than two minutes. they got away with $70,000 worth of guns. they got really high-powered rifles but then they got away quickly and you won't believe how they got away. according to the sheriff's office close by, there is this lot. they say the lot should have a gate, the gate should be open. and they jumped out of the shop
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with all the stuff and they ran through the woods and somebody else met them in the woods and took the guns from them. they found the car they used abandoned. it was stolen and police are still looking for these guys. >> this is terrifying because these weapons could end up on the black market. >> the owner of the gun shop talked to wsb and he believes that this could be big on the black market because some of these guns are illegal in some states and he believes that up north they could get thousands of dollars for them. we jump on over to australia -and-grab.a a ra, eir police there say that these guys hit several places, two shops and a house where there was an attempted burglary. they started out and this place, this is a butcher shop but according to the owner, they didn't get away with anything. they came inside the shop and realized they couldn't get anything out of there. they didn't get the meat or the cash or anything but they cost thousands of dollars worth of damage. the next place they stopped was a liquor store. the only thing they got from there, a couple of bottles of jack daniels. thousands of dollars worth of damage to that store.
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they eventually wound up at a home, but police say they didn't get anything there. so, for all the thousands of dollars worth of damage, they only got some jack daniels. >> they might need to think of a new profession because they're not very good burglars. ahh! >> oh, boy. >> that crazy human chair is back and it's freaking people out! >> hey, today we're going to put the human chair prank inside of a photo booth. >> this is rich ferguson from the channel. >> first time we've seen the chair in a photo booth. >> what are you doing! >> ahh! >> this became a photo boo-th. >> i see. >> it's not actually a photo booth. >> it's a photo curtained off section. >> photo area. >> i got to give it to him for the believability of the chair. >> these people aren't that freaked out in this one. >> it's becoming too common, i think that's why. we've seen so many people try to pull the chair prank, i think
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people are kind of expecting it. >> i think they were enjoying it and they didn't get up immediately. >> dressed as a chair and he's my type. >> i think the captain didn't get up right away, he's used to rough seas. this is nothing. ah, this is just a little chop. >> eventually i feel like one by one we'll all be pranked by rich ferguson. what in the world can make a 6-year-old boy react like this? next "right this minute." and tistill to come, dude gs on a rampage through the streets. >> no shoes, no shirt, no shame. >> see how he gets taken down ore than once. and we've got the thursday an chce to win an ipad mini.
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surveillance video. this happened back in october but they're looking for this guy. they still haven't found him. according to police the owner of this car is a woman named irene, and irene believed that maybe this was revenge. maybe this was retribution for something her husband may have done. she says her husband is on the condo board at this little area in this condoomplex and maybe somebody was mad at him, decided to light his car on fire. he also told police that this could have been much worse because apparently this car was parked directly under the building's main gas line. >> what a dummy! >> he wasn't trying to fill it up in gas and just forgot how? just dump it all over? you know, it will seep down into the gas line? no. if i play just two little parts of this video with this mother named vickie you're going to think something's like crazy wrong. >> it can't happen. >> it's gonna. >> how did you do that? >> this can't happen is how did you guys do this and she's
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balling and you are thinking something's terribly wrong. oh, no. this is a good surprise. she's actually crying tears of joy. >> what are you talking about? >> those are super bowl ickets. >> no. >> yeah. >> no, they're not. >> that's h sona the background. you hear him say those are super bowl tickets. vickie is a giants seahawks fan. she's been a seahawks fan since 1976. she's opening up tickets to this year's super bowl, seahawks/broncos vickie in complete disbelief. >> no way. >> uh-huh. >> we can do this? >> we can. we fly out on saturday. >> no. >> yes. >> it can't happen. >> it's gonna. we're going to the super bowl, mom. >> we've got the surpriser mike and mom vickie joining us "right this minute" to talk about this situation. now, there's quite a story here about mom's seattle fandom.
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tell us the backstory here. >> growing up i heard tons of stories including the one about she was, what, seven months pregnant with me and the seahawks went to the afc championship game but the game before that they beat miami and they were flying home and she wanted to go to the welcome back with all the fans in seattle. but my dad wouldn't let her because she was pregnant with me. so, that was kind of a spark. >> mom, are you about to pee your pants? >> i still -- i'm still, like, overwhelmed. unbelievable. i had no idea. i mean, this was the number one thing on my bucket list is going to a seahawks super bowl and i can't believe it's happening. >> mike, in a way is this payback from preventing mom from getting to see the seahawks get off the plane when she was pregnant with you way back in the day? >> a little bit. you know, obviously i didn't have much say in it then because
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i would have said let's go. but i feel like this is me, you know, way down the line paying her back a little bit. >> what would you like to say to your son right now as a thank you? >> i love him so much. it's just unbelievable. you know, there's no words. just been an amazing experience and i can't wait to get there. go hawks! all right. let's get to it. it's ipad mini giveaway time. >> you got to be 18 years old and must be a u.s. resident and you have to have the thursday buzzword to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page. if you are using a mobile phone or tablet go to the first post on the page and tap on the mobile link. >> the thursday buzzword is camera. >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and then enter the thursday buzzword camera, c-a-m-e-r-a for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> good luck, everybody.
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there's plenty to see on this next video. she'll drive. >> because dude's blowing up in the buff. >> what did the fox say? yip, yip, yip, yip!
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this is an idea whose time has come and you're all going to say why didn't they think of this sooner? >> how fast does cereal get too soggy to eat. we decided to find out. >> how did you get in my house? >> all three of these breakfast
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cereals bloated up like a floating corpse in minutes. >> they have a cure for that, they want you to buy the just crunch cereal bowl. that's right, you guys, milk on one side, cereal on the other and all you got to do is dump over how much cereal you want on your spoon, you put it in the milk and you mix it up and then you eat it. >> i don't know. >> you don't like this? >> i eat cereal at least two meals a day. i don't know that you need this. who wants to dunk their cereal like it's an oreo cookie. >> i am a person that likes soggy cereal and you don't get it, what if you like the sog? >> hmm. >> there's something wrong with you two. >> enjoy always crunchy cereal with the just crunch bowl. buy it now at no shoes, no shirt, no shame for both of the guys in these videos. the first one watch this, dude on the street. and this guy not in the right state of mind. he's sort of getting in figs with the cah aread.
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watch how slow his reactions are. i think he's trying to punch the car. >> maybe that was more of a, yeah, you did it, car, you made it down the street. >> no. nope. he's in a fighting mood because right here he actually i think he tries to pick a fight with his shadow. >> come on. come on! >> that's no one around. so who's he talking to? i have no idea. >> maybe the voices in his head? >> the best is yet to come in this video. it looks like he's chasing after, i don't know, is that a yell corvette. >> camaro. >> a yellow camaro, as he goes, then, to assault this driver. >> oh, he hit the car! >> kind of get -- >> who hit who? did he hit the car or did the car hit him? >> the car was just driving. i'm not blaming the car here. he ran himself into the back end of that vehicle, but pay attention to who's making a turn onto the street up here. just in time. what are the chances of that? i'm sure somebody on this block probably called the police.
2:05 am
>> he gets up, like, nothing to see here. >> there was plenty to see and, i almost hate to say it, but there's plenty to see in this next video. she'll drive because explain what's happening here. >> what did the fox say? yip, yip, yip! >> they're singing the popular now popular elvis hit "what does the fox say." ♪ what does the fox say ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ♪ >> what does the fox say? >> what is on top of this fella's head, like, a bunch of bottle rockets all taped together. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] what are you doing? >> it looks like his helmet slipped off and then he started shooting the fireworks into the ground. >> [ bleep ], oh! >> i don't even know what i'm watching here. i don't know what to -- i don't. it's dumber. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ], oh! what are you doing to me?


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